Letterpress is a printing process which dates back to the mid-15th century and involves creating a metal plate of the design which is then pressed into paper. The beauty of Letterpress is that its both classic and elegant, but is also a design that you can touch and feel. 

Letterpress is more expensive than regular digital printing as each invitation is hand pressed with a custom metal plate. Designs can be created in one to three spot colours.

* Design not created by Willow


Metallic Foiling

Metallic Foiling (also known as foil stamping) is a special printing method that uses heat and pressure to apply a think layer of metallic foil to paper. Foiling is very popular for use on wedding invitations for the shiny and glamorous look it creates on both light and dark paper stocks. 

Foiling is priced higher than regular digital printing due to the application process, as each invitation is hand pressed with a custom metal plate. Foiling is currently available in a choice of 32 different colours.  

White Ink Printing

White ink printing is a new form of digital printing that has only been around for the last few years. It uses a special 'spot' colour to print white ink on paper, rather than CMYK as used by traditional digital printing. 

While White ink printing is more expensive than regular digital printing, it is more cost effective than letterpress and foiling. White ink looks amazing on dark and contrasting stocks including kraft and allows the printing of variable data.


Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern printing method, where an image is sent directly to a professional large format printer. Not only is it a cost effective alternative to other forms of printing, it also has a quicker turn around. Without the need for a printing plate, digital printing allows for the inclusion of variable data, which is not possible with Letterpress or metallic foiling. 

Invitation Pockets

Invitations pockets are available in a number of different styles, sizes and colours to compliment your wedding stationery. Add a pocket to complete your design and keep all of your additional cards together. Pockets can then be finished off with a belly band or tag and twine before placing in an envelope. 

Z Fold

Include all of your details on the one card - invitation, map, rsvp and gift registry. Z fold invitations feature three panels each side with score lines for easy folding. Add perforation to one panel to create a tear-off rsvp card for your guests to post back. 


Belly Band

Belly Bands are a great way to package the entire invitation ensemble together and present as one. Print with your guest's names, wedding date or custom design or make your selection from hundreds of colours and textures. Belly bands can also be used as a closure for invitation pockets to finish off the overall design.

Envelope Liners

Create a surprise for your guests as soon as they open the envelope of their wedding invitation. Envelope Liners are available in hundreds of colours and textures or can be printed with a custom design to suit your personalised stationery.


Twine is the perfect way to finish off your design and keep all of your cards bundled together. Stick with the classic jute twine (pictured) or select a dual bakers twine to add a touch a colour to your stationery.