Metallic Foiling

Foiling is very popular for wedding invitations, loved for the elegant and glamorous look it creates on both light and dark paper stocks. It works by hand pressing a custom metal plate with heat and pressure, to apply a thin layer of metallic foil to each card. Foiling isn't just available in silver or gold, there are over 30 different colours to choose from.  

White Ink Printing

White ink printing is a new form of digital printing which looks amazing on dark and contrasting stocks including kraft, black and grey. It works by using a special 'spot' colour, rather than CMYK used by traditional digital printing, which prints white ink onto coloured paper stocks and also allows the printing of variable data . 


The traditional printing method dating back to the mid-15th century.  Letterpress is THE premium print option; it's the classic beauty that exudes elegance. It's a design you can touch and feel with deep impressions hand-pressed into 600gsm cotton. Unfortunately this skilled and timely process comes at a price, but trust us it's worth it! Designs can be created in one or two spot colours.

* Design not created by Willow

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a modern printing method, which is not only very cost effective but also has a quick turn around time. Without the need for a printing plate, digital printing allows for the inclusion of variable data such as printing guest names or addresses.