Save the Date

Save the date cards set the tone or your wedding and are a polite way to give your guests advance notice. Save the Dates are usually sent out for destination weddings, if you’re inviting lots of out of town guests or your wedding is held over a long weekend. 

Send: 6-8 months before the wedding


The invitation covers all the important details including the date, time and venue. Traditional invitations begin with the bride and groom's parents inviting the guests, however contemporary designs feature more relaxed and informal wording. 

Send: 2-3 months before the wedding

Reply Card

Reply cards are designed to match your wedding invitations and provide guests with an easy method to respond to your invitation. Reply cards may also request a meal choice, indicate dietary restrictions or reserve a seat on the bus service.


Gift Registry Card

A gift registry or wishing well card, lets your guests know where you’re registered for gifts or includes a poem asking guests to contribute to your wishing well.

Details Card

Details cards provide your guests with any additional information you'd like them to know. This could include accommodation details for a destination wedding or for out of town guests, bus service info or morning after brunch. 

Send: with the Save the Date / Invitation

Directions Card

Direction cards provide your guests with the location details of your wedding. Direction cards are great for out of town guests or if your location is difficult to find. Add in an illustrated map to make things even clearer for your guests.


Wedding Program 

A wedding program can be either a card or folded cover, incorporating all of your ceremony details including the order of ceremony and bridal party. Finish with ribbon or twine, or turn it into a fan to keep your guests cool during a Summer ceremony. 


Excite your guests for the meal ahead with printed wedding menus to match your invitation design. Place menus down the table, or include one at each guest’s place setting and double as a place card.

Place Cards

Place cards are used at the reception to indicate where each guest will be seated. Place cards can be in the form of a flat card, folded tent card or tag.


Invitation Pockets

Invitations pockets are available in a number of different styles, sizes and colours to compliment your wedding stationery. Add a pocket to complete your design and keep all of your additional cards together. Finish with a belly band or tag and twine.


Belly Band

Belly Bands are a great way to package the entire invitation ensemble together and present as one. Print with a custom design or select from a range of colours and textures. Belly bands may also be paired with an invitation pockets to finish the design.

Env Liner.jpg

Envelope Liners

Create a surprise for your guests as soon as they open the envelope of their wedding invitation. Envelope Liners are available in hundreds of colours and textures or can be printed with a custom design to suit your personalised stationery.